9 thoughts on “It’s Always This Or iTouch Crap

  1. Gee, it’s terrible that you’re so put out by other people enjoying obsessing over something. I know, it’s just strange to you; I mean, no has ever obsessed over something before this….

    1. 1) It’s fair game to call out other people for silly behavior. Probably not politically correct though. However….2) It was a joke (see “Star Trek” not “Star Wars”?) and it was a VERY VERY GOOD joke. You probably missed the title on the blog entry.

    2. No, I think it was more a case of bad timing. Apparently the trailer for the next Star Trek movie released yesterday, and people have been having bad things to say about it all over the ‘net since. Shrug. Make fun of anyone you like. Nearly everyone does something that looks silly to others.

    1. Well, that depends. If you mean Star Wars 7, early reviews are saying it’s pretty good, and I haven’t heard any disappointed sounds. If you mean Star Trek Reboot 3, there has been a lot of less-than-thrilled (all the way to “downright hostile”) reviews, but based only on the trailer that got released yesterday; no one has seen that movie yet. And Steven’s initial post was a variation on the long-running geek-community gag about non-geek “fans” who get the two franchises mixed up.

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