Leave The Money, Take The Tooth

At our house we have never pretended there was a real Tooth Fairy. The kids know it’s Dad ponying up the buck. 1 We still have fun. mutually pretending, however. And it’s sort of cute when the kids get mad at me when I forget to perform my duties.

Which leads us to this exhibit from my 7-year-old daughter. I knew she was writing a note for the “Tooth Fairy”. I foolishly thought it would be some kind of loving thank you. Nope. What I got was a very hilarious note that is pretty much summed up with, Give me my f—ing money. She’s a keeper, that one.


  1. Yeah, a buck. I don’t care that the average is several dollars these days. I’ll be the parent who brings down the average, no problem.

2 thoughts on “Leave The Money, Take The Tooth

  1. What a girl! She is not afraid to go after what she thinks is right and stand up to people – even Dad!!! Go Gillian!!

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