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No one tell my kids I didn’t invent adding shredded cheese to the Kraft dinner.


Drinking Champaign and watching a chick flick, like a boss.

Good golly, that took a really long time.

Inside Two Immovable Boxes…

42 pages of instructions, dozens of parts, uncountable hardware, and a total of around 4,000 pounds. Here we go.

Moore’s Law My Butt

Remember when a 6-year-old computer wasn’t worth more than a doorstop?

At Least They Don’t Know—BZZT THEY KNOW IT ALL

Holy moley. This makes me feel good about using Google for next to nothing these days, and for using an iPhone instead of an Android phone: 14 eyebrow-raising personal details Google knows about you

The tag line is very accurate:

Some are fascinating, others are frightening

It’s amazing how long they hold on to some things, meaning they hold on forever:

6) A full list of everything you’ve done from any Android device

7) A comprehensive collection of every site you’ve visited in Chrome—on any device

Yeah, I know, you can turn most of this off if you want, or so they claim. But why should I have to work so hard?