After a while I start heavily thinking, “I probably don’t need to keep this legacy 30GB/month + carryover cell plan.” Then a month like this resets my thinking again.

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  1. csfinn csfinn says:

    the data equivalent of a 75-year-old chronic smoker dragging around an oxygen tank

  2. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

    Well I start thinking – what is he talking about?!?!?!

    1. David Crooks David Crooks says:

      Spending less money on his cell phone/data plan, because he never uses it all up, and doesn’t need it…until a month when you’re moving, having work done on two different houses, trying to coordinate a bunch of stuff, and burning through cell phone time at a ridiculous rate.

    2. David Crooks ……and sometimes it’s just another way for a mother to say how proud she is of her brilliant son….like she does and says about you MANY times~* I love how PROUD and supportive she is of you two!! <3

    3. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

      Karen McClendon Rand they did turn out pretty good!! As did YOU!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    4. David Crooks David Crooks says:

      Explaining things to people is both a part of most of the jobs I’ve had, and a part of my personality. Well, the personality part is more like “over-explaining”…

    5. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

      David Crooks I think that sentence proved your point – over- blah blah blah blah lololol

    6. David Crooks David Crooks says:

      Ann Reed As was my intent.

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