We bought a house a month ago and have been prepping it for move-in tomorrow. Today I no kidding discovered a “secret” room. I’m literally living the dream we all had as kids.

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  1. Steve Crooks Steve Crooks says:

    The house is quirky in some ways. One example is the master bedroom walk-in closet. It’s a good-size, standard rectangular closet with a place for clothes on both sides. (I finally get to keep my clothes in my room, yay!) But then in the back of that closet you see another door, through which is ANOTHER BIGGER walk-in cedar closet. Then there’s the girls’ room where they have a small walk-in closet. But hey, there’s another door! Behind that is the walk-in attic with a good amount of storage. But beyond THAT is a door-sized opening with ANOTHER part of the walk-in attic, much bigger. There was kind of a surprise shop in the basement also. These things caused us to make joking reference to the “secret” rooms even though they aren’t really secret. Today I was unloading more crap and thinking about garage storage. Looking at the ceiling I noticed an attic access panel. No big deal… but waitaminute! Over THERE is the ladder to the walk-in attic portion, what the heck is THIS? So I dragged over my ladder and got way up there. Inside was a walled off area of attic that we never knew existed! It’s not huge, maybe 6 by 8 feet? And up there was an old lawn chair and an empty box for fluorescent lights. Weird. If we ever have something we want to store away and rarely get to, that can withstand temperature extremes, and can fit through a not so big hatch, we’ve got just the spot. (I bet we put nothing up there ever. But someday I’ll go up farther and make sure there’s nothing interesting that I missed with my casual look.)

    1. Steve Crooks Steve Crooks says:

      Nothing interesting like the old musket we found jammed in the basement ceiling, for instance.

    2. This house sounds awesome haha. And it sounds like you don’t have to worry about storage space ever!

    3. Gary Kimball Gary Kimball says:

      Sounds like a great place to play hide and seek.

    4. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

      Steve Crooks really??

    5. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

      That was about the musket?

    6. Love older well built homes with character. Hope the move goes smoothly!

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