That’s Enough Time In Afghanistan

Waiting for a very special soldier. (Post delayed to maintain surprise.)

8 thoughts on “That’s Enough Time In Afghanistan

  1. Thank-you for this very special post. It’s revelatory of a very special ‘step-father.’

  2. Steve Crooks Steve Crooks says:

    Not sure why the picture didn’t work. Click through to the blog to see it. I never post directly on Facebook.

  3. Gary Kimball Gary Kimball says:

    I know Ian was surprised and I’m absolutely certain he appreciated seeing his family show up to welcome him home.

  4. Jill Boyce Jill Boyce says:

    Very glad to see that Ian is home safe.

  5. ALICE C NICHOLS says:

    The facebook pictures suggest a joyous homecoming. Best wishes to Ian and to all of you in this transition.

    • scrooks says:

      It’s really great to be in a place where everyone is super-excited and happy. Ian didn’t expect Mom & family to also be there so he had an extra nice surprise.

  6. David Crooks 2 says:

    I’m glad he’s back, and I’m glad everyone cared enough to make it special.

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