17 thoughts on “People Are So Rough….

    1. A half-decent hobby or craft shop probably has some carving kits – with soft wood and a design. Once he gets used to the idea of planning, then you can just go to Ace Lowe’s Depot and buy blocks of soft wood. Does he know how to resharpen it yet?

    2. 🙂 When David was a Cub Scout, I volunteered to teach his den all about knives, including knife safety (required for them to earn the card that gave them permission to buy a Scout knife (basically a blue Swiss Army knife) and/or earn knife-related badges. I brought in … a whole bagful. Talked about blade grinds, blade shapes, different steels, handle materials, what shapes are good for what use and why. They did pretty good.

    3. Every time I turned around (last visit) he was using a knife – on apples and anything else he could carve on. He told me about his knife a bunch of times!! He seemed pretty careful but I didn’t want to look too closely and see any cuts.

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