It Seems So Obvious

Chocolate cottage cheese. Why isn’t this a thing? It should be a thing.

8 thoughts on “It Seems So Obvious

  1. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

    Big double yuk…..

  2. Jill Boyce Jill Boyce says:

    Chocolate with cream cheese is a thing, i.e. chocolate cheesecake. So why not cottage cheese?

  3. I think this sounds gross, but…Jill is right that we do combinations of chocolate with other things so why not cottage cheese? Apparently others have had the same thought — there are a number of websites out there that have a variety of recipes for making chocolate cottage cheese as well as recipes involving cottage cheese and chocolate.

  4. Gary Kimball Gary Kimball says:

    Let me know who goes back for seconds.

  5. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

    Good one Terry Kimball Crooks. !!

  6. Steve Crooks Steve Crooks says:

    Come on, it’s CHOCOLATE! I imagine this would be kind of like semi-solid, chunky chocolate milk. Mmmmmmm.

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