Relics In The Basement

A couple guys I went to elementary school and college with are in town for a few days. These are the guys who I spent a lot of time with in a basement playing D&D instead of being a normal kid. Today we hung out together and ended up back at the same house (his parents still live there) where we spent most of our basement time.

There have not been a lot of changes made to this basement. The same couches that were there 30 years ago when we played D&D are still there. It’s really kind of fun to look around and see all the old stuff still sitting around. I knew this to be the case as we were headed down to the basement and I jokingly asked if his old TRS-80 Color Computer was still down there.

It was.

TRS-80 Color Computer

It’s there in the exact same spot from 30 years ago. It was not actually plugged in to the ancient tube TV sitting next to it or I would have turned it on. This is from the days when you got a really terrific, thick book with the computer about how to program it to do things. Many of us learned how to program with these TRS-80 Basic books.

For kicks, I opened the drawer under the computer. Of course, there were all the floppies and tapes that went along with it.

Color Computer Paraphernalia

The more I think about it, the more I want to go back and see how much still works.

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