The Annibirthaversary Farewell Cake

I present the most awesome cake my wife has ever made, the Annibirthaversary Farewell Cake.

We have a lot of events that occur around the same time of year, and this just happened to coincide with one grandparent being in town for a week and a couple of other grandparents about to leave town for the winter. It sounded like a great excuse for a big family party, so that’s what we did.

We celebrated:

  • Violet turning 1 on October 11th.
  • Gillian turning 4 on October 13th.
  • Neil turning 6 on September 10th.
  • Calvin turning 16 on October 15th.
  • Terry turning 41 on October 1st.
  • Grandma Ann turning 72 on August 20th.
  • Steve & Terry’s 12th anniversary on September 30th.
  • Grandpa David and Grandma Pat leaving town for the winter on September 16th.

8 events. 8 sections of cake. 1 cake of awesomeness. Click on the picture for the gallery.

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It tasted pretty damn good too.

2 thoughts on “The Annibirthaversary Farewell Cake

  1. Such fun. Such good company. So much laughing and fun and noise. How can a 6and 4 year old seem like 30 kids!!!! Sorry Ian and his family were not here to enjoy with us. Would have needed a bigger cake to add his and Aryia’s birthdays. Terry did a wonderful job. Can’t wait to see what we get next year. Go Terry!!!!

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Annibirthaversary Farewell! Kudos to Terry on that cake. Genius! And you guys either have great or horrible timing. Not sure which.. 😉 Good excuse for the wonderful ginormous 8-sectioned cake, though!

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