I think they breed.

We did a massive reorganization of our “office” this weekend. This meant throwing out and recycling many bags of junk, moving around everything in the rather large room including some huge bookcases full of comics, and buying and assembling two huge shelving units from Costco. But the biggest job for me was completely unplugging every piece of electronic equipment, moving all of it, and plugging it back in. This was a mighty effort, as can be gleaned from this picture. That pile of cables is what I ended up not reusing after reassembly.


3 thoughts on “I think they breed.

  1. I don’t see the Zip Drive cable, or the serial to parallel printer converter cable, or the late ’90s, early 2000’s phone chargers, or the rabbit ear adapter for cable input, or any of the various rca sound/video plug converters 3 -> 2, 2->1, 1->2 etc. If they are breeding I would be worried about the gene pool. They’re liable to end up like cheetahs, who are all closely related to each other. Or for that matter, my father’s side of the family – we found a genealogy going back to 1500 in Italy and due the small Jewish community, there are 3 family names generation after generation. I’m surprised (and a little disappointed) I don’t have 6 fingers.

  2. I threw out the Zip Drive and cables, plus parallel printer cables, at work several years ago. I did have a big pile of them. The rabbit ear adapter was a good call — I had one of those in the closet that got trashed in the office cleanup. But it wasn’t hooked up in the actual office so didn’t end up in the pile in the picture. The RCA sound/video converters? They were also in the closet and I kept all those. I have two very large, overflowing bins of cables that will be an organization project in the near future. I suspect I have about 5,000 USB cables and can whittle that down to maybe 10 or less. Similarly for all other cable types. I’ll make sure to take before and after pictures of that effort!

  3. I can’t remember, is there anywhere like RE-PC (http://www.repc.com/) in KC? It’s my favorite store in the whole world. I recently dropped of 5 (count’em – 5) CRT TVs and one CRT monitor for recycling as we have at long last gone completely LCD

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