Ah, the good ol’ days…

I cleaned out a lot of old files today and came across these two gems.

First up we have a 1997 receipt for a 15MB CompactFlash card for $260. Note that it’s megabytes, not gigabytes.

15MB CompactFlash

Second is a 1998 receipt for 2 32MB memory sticks for $138. Note that again it’s megabytes, not gigabytes.

32MB Memory Sticks

I’m looking forward to what we can buy for $100 to $200 15 years from now.

2 thoughts on “Ah, the good ol’ days…

    1. Amazingly, I still have that CompactFlash card. It’s completely worthless. The computer memory left my possession long ago with whatever computer I stuck it in. I think I used to piece together a new frankenputer every year or so back then.

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