Pinterest? No interest.


Alexandra Chang writes about Pinterest in Opinion: Should you care about Pinterest?.

Pinterest is a new site where you look at stuff people want or have and post pictures of stuff you want or have. I’m pretty sure that sums it up. Pinterest is rapidly growing and is one of the hottest websites around right now.

Alexandra wrote this paragraph about it:

“A lot of what gets pinned on Pinterest is aspirational—what could be, what I’m going to have, where I’m going to go,” said Gartner senior research analyst Jenny Sussin. What sets Pinterest apart from other social networks is that it isn’t about sharing what’s happening to you right now, it’s about sharing and collecting what you like and what you want and what inspires you.

I’ve looked at Pinterest a couple of times and it totally bored me. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy—Alexandra says 82% of the users are women.

Or maybe it’s because I’m too old. Here’s a comment I wrote and posted on Alexandra’s article:

Sounds to me like Pinterest is for the Me Generation that wants to create a narcissistic catalog of all the things our consumer-society tells them they need, and then share it with their ersatz friends for validation.


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  1. David2 says:

    I couldn’t agree more… Although I think it’s closer to 98% women. I glanced at it, and alternated between, “So?”, “Why should I care?”, and “I cannot see myself ever posting anything here”… I think your two reasons are both accurate, too.

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