I played D&D with this guy in grade school and lost touch with him after college. I think this is his first ever Facebook post.

How personal will this get for each of us before we’re done?

I am getting a lot of mileage these days out of my “wife has made it clear that the stains are too visible for wearing out in public but they are very, very comfortable” shirts.

New worry: People who are now desperate for COVID-19 drugs are latching on to the teeny-tiny, unproven possibility that hydroxychloroquine might help, so it’s going to be snatched up.

My wife depends on that drug for other health issues.

It’s Personal

I have not been joining in on the COVID-19 jokes. I have certainly not been part of the “it’s an overblown, hyped-up, media-fueled crazy idiot sheeple event” crowd.

This is real for us.

  • My wife has health issues that make her risk of serious complications much higher than your average person in their 40’s. She’s self-isolated—together with our 4 kids and me. It’s hard to not go anywhere… for days or weeks at a time… always surrounded by the same people, who are also going stir crazy… thinking every day that this is the one where you start to get sick.
  • I occasionally make foraging expeditions, always worried that no matter how careful I am, I’ll pick up SARS-CoV-2, bring it home, and infect my wife.
  • My son lives in Seattle, in an apartment by himself. He almost certainly is just finishing up a round of having COVID-19. They won’t test or see people his age if they’re not in distress. Thankfully, he’s young and I helped guide him in preparing a week or two before he got sick. He came through fine, with little difficulty. However, he’s not a dummy, and now he fears going outside because he’s worried some ripple of incidental contact will end up killing someone. And he could always get sick again.
  • Speaking cryptically to keep confidentiality, we have had direct contact with someone who is now sick. Sunday she developed fever and a cough. Last we heard, she was still feverish yesterday. Even though she is at higher-risk due to health issues, she was refused a test and told to self-isolate at home. Now my wife and I wait with trepidation to see if we’re going to start showing symptoms.
  • We personally know a parent tested on Friday and confirmed with COVID-19 Monday. She’s at somewhat higher risk, but seems to be recovering. She and her family are self-quarantined. This test was in Clay County, which still reports a count of 0…
  • A friend’s husband knows a person in Liberty (also Clay County) who is now on a ventilator. The presumptive-positive COVID-19 test result is due back today.

It’s clear this is just the beginning. If you think I’m Chicken Little and one of the stupid sheeple—just keep it to yourself, please, and good luck.