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  1. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

    Why excited now?? You have watched him all your life.

    1. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

      Steve Crooks she’s not the first female dr is she?? Don’t make me read all that……

    2. Steve Crooks Steve Crooks says:

      Ann Reed Yes, the first female Dr. Who. (There apparently are some who are aghast at this idea.)

    3. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

      Steve Crooks is that why you are happy???

    4. Steve Crooks Steve Crooks says:

      The “problem” is that it’s supposed to be all the same person across the entire series, just regenerated into new bodies. So I guess this doesn’t make sense to the haters. Whatever. I’m excited because it means things will be shaken up a bit, which is fun, and this actress is really, really great.

    5. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

      Steve Crooks guess its fun to be a hater and have plenty to fuss about.

    6. David Crooks David Crooks says:

      You know, people who have a problem with change really aren’t suited to be fans of a show that has been in a constant flux since day 1, with an ever-changing line of Companions, not to mention 12 different actors playing the lead role (since the show started in 1963). Technically, 14 different actors – John Hurt played the unnumbered War Doctor in the series, and Peter Cushing played the Doctor in a couple of rather not-quite-connected-to-the-tv-show movies.
      But I came to the conclusion long ago that there is a large group of people who just don’t know how to be happy. So they try to drain it out of everyone and everything else. I call them Fun Vampires (or, sometimes, Joy Vampires). They’re best avoided.

    7. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

      David Crooks yeah what you said…….

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