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  1. Major design flaw in the legs.

  2. Dan Webb Dan Webb says:

    I think that’s a Wookie AT-AT.

    1. Steve Crooks Steve Crooks says:

      OMG he often sounds EXACTLY like a Wookie. I need to post a recording.

    2. Dan Webb Dan Webb says:

      Does he sound like this cabinet door? https://youtu.be/wIV8jHnfwP8

  3. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

    He always lays that way!! So cute. I love your dog!!

  4. What are you drinking? What is AT-AT?

    1. Dan Webb Dan Webb says:

      Star Wars Kool-aid.

    2. David Crooks David Crooks says:

      The big 4-legged walking tanks from “The Empire Strikes Back”.

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