Just Read The Whole Thing

Please read the Constitution, specifically the 1st Amendment in this case.

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  1. KMBC has one of those FB polls going right now about this issue.

    Here’s what I said: I voted for Trump…I’m also a veteran from a family full of veterans…with a son who is currently on active duty. I have little patience or respect for those who burn our flag. That said, I also value living in a country where private citizens are free to do so. Freedom is sometimes a messy unpleasant thing (because others will exercise their freedoms in ways that I find objectionable) but for all it’s messiness free speech, free pursuit of life and liberty, freedom from oppression, freedom of religion, a free press….all of these things are ideals worth protecting. Even when it gets messy. Taking away a person’s freedom or citizenship (and in the process perhaps destroying the life of their family — their livelihood, their marriage, or the lives of their children…as prison often does), simply because they have mistreated the symbol of their freedom, seems to violate the very precious principles and protections the flag represents.

    1. I find a number of veterans and active duty members of the military share this sentiment, regardless of who they voted for… I think it’s more important to address why they feel burning the flag is necessary.

  2. Yeah, but it’s a clear sign that Trump is Hitler, isn’t it? That’s what I keep hearing… But then I wonder how that can be so when Ms. Clinton co-sponsored the Flag Protection Act in 2005. Ignoring the Constitution must only be okay if the good side does it, not when the bad side does.

    1. On Thanksgiving Chiara was flag bearer at the VFW dinner at Ecole Militaire in Paris. The head of NATO from US kindly gave all scouts a detailed flag protocole and etiquette. I chose to focus on youth honoring the flag and those that serve our country than the freedom of those that want to burn flag.

  3. To me it is sad that the Supremes decided it was freedom of speech to burn a flag. There should be some consequence for this.

    1. No!!! That’s a cornerstone of America. Free speech (and this is a form of free speech) is of utmost importance, even if it’s speech that we think is terrible. Punishing someone for free speech is what they do in countries that we think are terrible.

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