8 thoughts on “This Is Just ONE Of The Computers I Use

    1. After much testing, I paid for a lifetime license for Adguard on my 3 computers. There are plenty of other options though, and I bet David has installed one of them for you. Note that you can ALSO install Adguard (or another blocker) on your iPhone, which can make browsing much faster and less annoying.

    1. It is both Mac and Windows, but I’m not sure it’s the right product for her. I like it because it covers all the traffic on your system, not just in the browser. There are many different blocking and tracking rule sets you can choose from and you can add your own rules. It might be frustrating if it’s too aggressive and you have to figure out how to open up a website. They give you a thing to click on to do that, but it’s still a little bit technical.

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