Clickity Clack Clack

My WASD Keyboard 50th-birthday present from my wife finally arrived!


Now I think I should have purchased a nice keyboard years ago. It’s very responsive and I was surprised at how much faster I can type.  Putting some money into the primary tool you use for hours a day is not a bad idea.

I did buy the Switch Tester a few months ago to figure out what type of switch I wanted:


Boy, did my wife ever make fun of me for that! But I think that’s the only real way to decide which of the 6 types of switches suits you. The $15 (+shipping) expense is worth it.

For the record, I picked Cherry MX Clear switches. They offer good feedback, but aren’t super-clicky so I have less chance of annoying those around me at work. I also bought the Mac Hotkey Media Shortcuts Cherry MX Keycap Set:


I got mine in orange, of course. I have not installed that yet since WASD advised waiting a few weeks before pulling key caps since the Clear switches apparently fit tightly.

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