Oh, The Indignity

Family dogs have to put up with a lot of crap, or they soon find themselves out of a job.  Thankfully, our 9-month-old puppy is a super-love-bug, and has figured out the need to treat our smallest girl with care.  Usually, that means ignoring being stepped on, having toys thrown at him, being whacked while sleeping, having his doggy bed occupied, and things like that. He typically responds by simply ignoring her, but there are other times when her existence pays off, like when he hangs out under her high chair and she decides to spoon feed him her breakfast.  Or she shares her sippy cup.  Yeah, they have a special relationship.

Today, however, was something new.

2015-12-23 15_15_35

Paige found some stickers and decided to transfer them to Lucky.

Lucky’s reaction? This was it:


For Lucky’s sake, we’ll try to keep her away from the hot glue gun.

5 thoughts on “Oh, The Indignity

  1. She stole all the stickers off my piano that I had or there for the kids to learn the notes…and one by one took them over and applied them to the dog. We didn’t realize what she was doing until she’s already gotten down to the last one. Little stinker!

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