10 thoughts on “Yeah, Pretty Painful

    1. I could send it to you for analysis. Or you can ask Gillian. Also ask her who the mean parent was who finished pulling it off the remaining 3%. It wasn’t her mom…

  1. Well that is awful – even if it does not look real! Bet that hurt. Will be sore for sure. Guess you are the brave dad who had to do the 3percent. Another big ouch. Just keep it covered good cause it is easy to drop things on it. Ouch ouch ouch. Kisses to her.

  2. Watch out for Lucky! He could accidently step on her foot. Gillian needs grandpa hugs. Keep it clean and dry. She is a brave young lady. Love you Gilly Bean.

    1. I’m sure she’d love Grandpa hugs!!! She seems pretty okay with it now, like she doesn’t even notice. It’s her middle toe so it’s protected by the others. She says it only hurts now if she touches it. It really doesn’t look nearly as bad as I thought it might. It should heal cleanly.

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