8 thoughts on “The Little People Project

    1. Did you look at the page? He does this a variety of places, and the “installations” probably don’t last long since they’re in public areas. I noticed he does have at least two picture books out showing his work though.

    2. Ha ha – yes but I didn’t read much. So it is like those covered sidewalks I took you to see in Loose Park – always moving around. I think his name was Christo and I’m sure you don’t remember.

    3. The Loose Park thing was planned and sponsored and allowed by the city. This guy just does it and it lasts as long as it lasts. It’s more like Banksy. And yes, oddly enough, I do vaguely remember the sidewalk thing.

    4. It was weird – but they called it Art! He went on to cover bigger and better things. You were not very old. Have you ever seen this guy’s art?

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