A Restaurant Shouldn’t Give You A Numb Butt

Got a free meal (for 7!) at Red Robin today.

It’s usually not a good thing when they give you your meal for free.

8 thoughts on “A Restaurant Shouldn’t Give You A Numb Butt

  1. Yes, and they comped the family of 4 at the next table too.

  2. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

    Well did the next table set a fire or slug the service person or throw up or what? How come you got free??

  3. We didn’t get our food for over an hour after we ordered it. And, then, our food was cold when it did arrive. Our server blamed the kitchen…but the manager I spoke to seemed to suggest that the kitchen was fine and that the problem lay with our server.

  4. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

    Ok. Just wondered. If you couldn’t eat it – they should have given you some future meals too. Restaurants used to do that – but not any more I guess. At least you didn’t have to pay for it.

  5. The whole thing was terrible. If it wouldn’t have been so challenging to relocate 5 hungry kids to a different restaurant we would’ve simply walked out.

  6. Ann Reed Ann Reed says:

    I know. I hate when that happens. I bet it will be a while before you go back. I don’t like all of them passing the buck. The buck stops with the manager. He should have stepped in – and stepped up sooner. I would call their corporate office too. You have a right to complain.

  7. Steve Crooks Steve Crooks says:

    In the end my burger was really good. I almost would have preferred that it be crappy.

  8. I always get The Royal…yum

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