A Creative Birthday Present

Backstory 1: I became a big fan of Galavant this year, a show you may never have heard of. It’s a very non-serious show about knights and kings and princesses and such, and they often break out in song. It was right up my alley, and I loved the music. I even bought the soundtrack. I’m very much hoping it earned a second season.

Backstory 2: Calvin finally settled on an initial direction for his upcoming college career. He’s going to KU’s film school and, at the moment, is thinking he wants to be a film editor. Since deciding this, he’s spent a lot of time fiddling with making videos, and keeps getting better at it.

Terry and I went out to dinner and some shopping Saturday night while Calvin stayed at home with the kids. This video is what they secretly did while we were gone (and several hours more Calvin put in on his computer in his room), which they presented to me for my birthday on Sunday.


Click here or watch the embedded video below.

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