New York City Officials have No Sense Of Humor

Some sneaky people switched the American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge with white ones. They got away with it leaving no clue behind.


If this had happened before the advent of security theater we all would have been thinking and saying, “Wow, great prank! Congratulations!”

Instead, authorities have their panties in a wad. How much money has been wasted investigating this “possibly terrorist” event? America needs to take a chill pill.

Besides, it’s obvious that Obama did it.

2 thoughts on “New York City Officials have No Sense Of Humor

  1. Good viewpoint! First I thought it was just a funny joke then found out it is really a vicous, horrible plot of some kind that we should stay up all nite to figure out and then spend jillions of dollars trying to find them. The new American way – everything now is a devious plot. Yikes – life is so confusing now.

    1. I think what the city officials should do is say, “Hey, great prank, you really got us. But now can you tell us how you did it? We publicly promise that no charges will be filed against you.”

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