From Chaos Comes… More Chaos?

Instead of going through the terror of buying a new house, we are reallocating space in our current house.  This weekend we started the Big Move.

Paint, Mom, paint!
Paint, Mom, paint!

The girls’ room is becoming the office.  We hope that by tomorrow the painting will be done enough so that we can start moving office stuff in.  We will still be waiting a while for a few new bookcases and shelves.  I’m quite eager to get my computer stuff moved to its new home.

“New” bunk bed

Neil, in a last minute decision, gets the bunk bed from the girls’ room.  Long ago he occupied the top bunk, and now he will again.  Plus he’s got room for a friend to sleep over.

The girls' room not coming together yet.
The girls’ room not coming together yet.

The dormer/former office needs the most work.  Terry still needs to paint up here, we need a new bunk bed, we need some ceiling damage repaired, and we need a better A/C solution.  Tomorrow a good deal of the stuff around the edges (and my desk area that you can’t see) will move downstairs. The rest of it will happen as fast as we can make it.

And I almost forgot—I’m replacing all the closet and entry doors also.

Maybe we should have just moved…

My sincerest hope is that all will be in place within a couple of weeks.  Maybe I’ll post pictures of the end result then.

Once this is done, we begin Phase II, the conversion of our walk-in attic space to a nice closet for the girls.


5 thoughts on “From Chaos Comes… More Chaos?

  1. So much work! But a great improvement. What about a ceiling fan?? You will feel so good when it is all done!

    1. During the transition Gillian is sleeping in the bottom bunk and Violet is sleeping on her mattress on the floor in Neil’s room. We are working hard to minimize the time they have to do this—it’s hard on all of us.

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