That Verizon iPad May Suck More Than You Suspect

I’ve noticed that when I travel, my fancy Verizon Wireless LTE iPad has trouble getting a signal. I don’t travel often so I attributed this to bad luck. But the last time it happened I posted this on Twitter:

I got a reply from one of my followers that my PRL might be out of date, and fixing that when I got back in a Verizon zone would probably help things out. Later, when back home, I tried his suggestion and found that the PRL did not update. I queried him and he told me he’d double check things. A few days later he replied:

This guy seems to know what he’s talking about and frankly, that stinks. You want the good Verizon service? Sign up for a monthly plan, sucker. Unfortunately for me, our family has AT&T iPhones.

29 October 2013 update:

I still think they should make this more clear. I now have the AT&T Mobile Share plan, so I’ll be getting an AT&T iPad regardless.

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