11 Foot 8

Welcome to the new home of the world’s most popular canopener bridge. Since 2008 I have recorded dozens of trucks challenging the low-down meanest train trestle in America.

These videos are mesmerizing. 11 FOOT 8


3 thoughts on “11 Foot 8

  1. This is too funny!! I was watching “Caught on Camera” and they showed this train trestle. There is a fairly simple solution to this problem…Duh! Since you can’t raise the tracks, lower the road!! Dig out the road from 100+ feet back on both sides and lower the road to allow tall traffic to pass under without crashing into it.

    1. I just watched another video explaining the reason why they can’t lower the road, the city sewer runs under it. Okay! Good reason! I withdraw my Duh! lol 🙂

    2. I kind of think that even if they somehow raised it a foot or two, there would still be people who totally ignore the new height sign and run into the bridge. Fewer, I guess.

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