The Newest Member Of Our Family

Neil, our 6-year-old, decided he is very interested in learning to play the violin. After a few weeks with his cardboard version (that’s how they start) he was still enjoying it greatly, so we broke down and bought him the real thing. This is a 1/4-size starter violin.

Neil’s new violin.

And this is actually the second instrument we’ve purchased this month. Calvin also got a very, very nice saxophone upgrade. He’s been working hard to increase his skills so his mother and I decided it was time for an upgrade. A significant upgrade. The last upgrade. He gets to purchase any future saxophones. Did I mention this was a very nice $$$axophone? Nice enough that I insured it as fast as I could.

I think the next instrument should be a guitar for me.

2 thoughts on “The Newest Member Of Our Family

  1. Wow. A piano, sax, and violin. I think I will be hearing great music—-while Gillian and Violet dance. Steve—what the heck will you be doing?

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