Pony Express Museum

Pony Express Museum, St. Joseph, Missouri

From the outside the museum doesn’t look like much. Inside it’s a pleasant surprise.

You start with a somewhat long and cheesy video, and then walk by a full-size diorama of the first rider taking off and wonder if that’s about it for the museum. But then you get into the museum proper and it’s quite nice. It’s not immense, but it’s much bigger than it looks when you first arrive, and it’s nicely lit and clean. The displays are all interesting and well done.

If you’re driving through St. Joseph it’s worth a stop. Heck, we’ll probably take the kids up sometime just for this since there’s a really nice play area, and we live less than an hour away. It’ll be a nice day trip. Something different to entertain the kids with.

The first ride.
Covered wagon.
Kid play area.
More stuff.
My mom!

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