Hats Off To Molly For Admitting This

Molly Wood
Molly Wood has always been one of the most negative tech journalists out there when it comes to Apple products. Now she seems to have done a complete turnaround, as explained in Why Apple Is Winning. She nails it here:

Apple’s killer strength, as everyone knows, is its laser-like focus on “insanely great” products, coupled with its ability to build an iron-clad ecosystem that just keeps selling more Apple products. And in a time when tech is simultaneously getting more pervasive and more complicated, Apple’s focus on simplicity and usability has never been more relevant. “It just works” is all I, at least, have time for when it comes to my tech.

And this (emphasis mine) is exactly what I have been saying is the real key to why it makes sense for your average Joe to go with Apple:

But even worse than fragmentation is the fact that Android is still more complicated, in the same way that Windows is, to operate and troubleshoot. If something goes wrong with your iPhone, you take it to the Apple store, or, at least, forum posters are all talking about the exact same hardware, OS version, and most likely, problem.

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