Hey, I Work For That Guy

This weeks Forbes cover story is all about the company I work for and our CEO, Neal Patterson. Nifty. (I’m not sure how long that link will work.)

I’ve been with Cerner for nearly 20 years (even through the infamous parking lot memo talked about in the article) and I love it. I feel that we’re working on things that are actually useful for humanity, and that’s refreshing.

Towards the end of the article you’ll see this:

A new type of patient record is quickly and automatically searchable, even if the data go back decades.

That’s a reference to something that started with the little 5-person team I work on.

Happy For Mad

April 1966 MAD

If this is true, I’m pretty thrilled: MAD for the iPad

That will mean I’ll be able to never find the time to read it on my iPad, instead of never finding the time to read the print copies I get in the mail.

It’s very MAD-like to release on April Fool’s Day. Or maybe it’s a great MAD joke.