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Cataan Junior

Cataan Junior

Cataan Junior

Hey, look! I went to Alcatraz!

I was in San Francisco for the Apple Developer conference and made it over to visit Alcatraz with Matt and Joseph. Click on the picture to see the full set of pictures I took.

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My view at work this morning.

My friend here just got done munching on some small winged insect.


Anyone a fan of Cerebus (or Spawn)?

This is a “Cerebus as Spawn” print from 1993 that I received as part of a Cerebus Kickstarter campaign.

Cerebus Spawn

Cerebus as Spawn

It was specified that Dave would dedicate it however we wanted, so I thought I’d give him something perhaps entertaining to write while he was going through the mundane task of signing 150 of these things. He added the “(it says hereā€¦)” on his own.

Birthday cakes at my age are fire hazards

Too Bright For The Camera Sensor

A Better Exposed View

47-pit Aftermath