I have been emailing with fastmail for weeks now over an fastmail.fm account that is now inaccessible. I had a secondary contact and never rec’d anything except a warning of an impending data limit. All my material appears to be gone and their help desk is just this automated circular (well, no, I know that there is a guy, Yasser, behind the ‘do not reply’ email) that keeps sending msgs like, “this ticket has not been accessed in and has been closed” and they send you back to do it all over again. I sent a very stern (haha) response at one point, as the automatic help ticket system they direct you back to requires info that you often can’t access (duh!) and they did then request info which I supplied. New ticket number, and repeat. They just keep letting it run out. I did not receive an email re: the pending dissolution of my account and my materials are gone. They don’t even have the protocols or customer service chops to SAY SO.

Booo, fastmail.