I used to have a fastmail address, but one day after trying to log in I got a message saying that my account was ‘deactivated’. I checked to see if I had gotten any emails trying to warn me about this. I found one deep in the spam folder of the other account with a warning. Fair enough. My login attempt was done two days after the deadline. I then contacted customer service and got a reply confirming that it had been deactivated and that if I wanted my account I’d have to pay for a new one and but I wouldn’t be able to recover my email. The courteous rep (read sarcasm here) added, “hope this helps”. Really? Perhaps if they had saved my emails, I would have considered paying, but hey. They seem to be acting as if they were the only email provider. I have several email accounts from different providers and this has been so far the worst in terms of customer oriented. Good luck with them!